Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monet or Elmer's Glue?

Are You Kidding ME?...Delaney and I were at her horseback riding lessons, softly brushing Monet. I know better than to ever stand behind a horse, but unfortunately learned (the hard way)that you have to be careful standing to the side of the horse as well. We were brushing Monet, and apparently she didn't like my brushing techniques when all of a sudden she KICKED me SIDEWAYS! Square on my thigh! Oh My, that is a pain that I hope to never repeat. I have a full horse hoof print on my thigh. I was going to have Matt take a picture of it to post but then thought that you might not appreciate having a picture of my mangled thigh to look at. Needless to say, I will be much more alert around Monet from here on out!

(delaney wanted me to add the disclaimer that of course I am joking about even implying that I would turn Monet into glue!)

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The White House said...

She should know by now that your threats harmless- how many times have you threatened Porter's life (for good reason, I might add)... and he is still around! Ha ha!