Monday, February 16, 2009

But I thought that I was your GIRLFRIEND!

Hudson has always been my lovey boy. He always wants to hug mommy and is quick to give me a hug. So imagine my surprise last week when he started talking about his new friend CJ. I assumed CJ was a new friend from preschool. Trying to figure out who this CJ was, I asked what HE looked like. Hudson replied that SHE has lots of "dots" on her face and super, super blonde hair. Oh, so CJ is a GIRL?! All weekend he has been talking about CJ. Well this morning I went upstairs and found that Hudson had created (all on his own) the initials C J made out of train tracks. I am conflicted about whether I should be proud that he knows the letters of the alphabet so well or saddened that he no longer considers mommy his girlfriend.


Arya said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Admittedly, he does seem young for a girlfriend. But he's very good w/ the alphabet!
Plus, I love your new collage at the top.

farfar said...

That is so cute. You better watch out if he already has himself a girlfriend.

Nancy Chin said...

Happy First Day of Spring, Gilen!