Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer of 2008

Children's Museum with Avery
We spent the day (or at least a few hours) at the Children's Museum with Avery and Finley.
The kids all had a great time playing together.

We start them young in the JONES house!
I have been accused of loving to exercise a little too much. I swear though, we do not force our kids to get on the elliptical and workout.
Hudson said that he was doing it so that he could be healthy and strong.

Grammie and Grandpa's new trampoline.
All of "the cousins" were here this summer visiting.
Most of that time was spent playing and jumping on the trampoline.

Dinner in San Luis with Holly!
We miss our Holly!
We were all excited to go out to dinner with Holly.
We miss having her with us all of the time but are lucky enough
to have her younger sister Heidi helping with the kids now.
(And to my credit, I have only called Heidi "Holly" once.)

Dinner at Roy's in Las Vegas.
We had such a great time on our trip. We played, ate at "fancy" restaurants, went to the pool, shopped (that was mostly all me!) and watched the water show, over and over, at the Bellagio.

Hudson is his element in Las Vegas.
In our hotel room was a huge window that overlooked the main tram station. Hudson, who LOVES his trains, set up his train set on the ledge of the window watching the "trains" for HOURS. We had a hard time getting him to do much of anything else!